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Hello all - I'm new to the forum but not to BMWs (have had them since '97, when I graduated from driving exclusively VW Bugs...:p) Have since turned my husband on to them (he used to be a big truck guy) and now he's upgrading to a 6-series convertible. Done a fair amount of research on, autotrader, edmunds, and now the forums, where the real nitty gritty details are!

We've been shopping around, and found what seems to be a good deal on a 2005 645 convertible - less than $15k miles, under $40k, although a little stripped down on options (no seat heaters!!). Here are some questions I have before we pull the trigger - hope you guys can help!

- seller says it has "premium sound" - how can I tell? It has 6 speakers, but no 6-disc changer. If its the Logic 7 speaker where is the 7th speaker? Also, where would it be branded "Logic" (if anywhere)?

- The production date is October 2004 - so it is an early 2005. In your experience, will we still encounter electrical bugs, i.e. with the iDrive? Anything we should test for or have a mechanic check during our prepurchase inspection?

- We actually did take it to get inspected at a separate dealer; unfortunately they found a leaky transmission pan and a "noise" coming from the front, a "possible strut brace" or something. The seller (also a dealer, but independent) is fixing these problems and we'll have it re-inspected again by the non-selling dealer. However, would these issues on a 15k mile car worry you?
(possibly related, when we tried out another 2005 645, it had major creaking when turning tightly - not sure if this is strut related also, but might front-end noise/clunks/creaks be a common problem in 6s?)

Anything else we should know?

Thanks so much for your collective knowledge - looking forward to browsing around! This car is our first step out of the 3series and it seems to be a whole different animal!
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