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I started my plan of removing DISA, ICV, throttle body for cleaning hoping to resolve my rough idling and stalling issue, until i was interrupted by rain, so only managed to clean the DISA.

So now i will attempt it tomorrow, providing you help me!

I have a few questions at this point though.

Does the larger hose connecting to the alternator ASSY supposed to have a metal O-clamp? I can wiggle this connector very easily. If so, What is the dimeter of the ring if i were to buy one???

How do i remove the Lower intake boot? The Clamp on the smaller hose connecting to the ICV Is upside down(cannot get flat head in), And the Larger clamp is also out of reach with a flat head.

EDIT: I've recently read that the way to do this is removing the plastic baffle out of the way. What size mm is the nut surrounding the spot for theflat head to go in? seems so much easier to use rather than #$^#$%^^ with the screwdriver.....

Now back to the DISA valve, i had cleaned off the flap, but is it supposed to make a clicking noise when the flap moves past 3/4 closed? The flap moves with minimal resistance and pops back in place fast.
What if i were to Remove the top section of the ASSY, labeled noise?

On a side note, i cannot seem to set the time on my main display or radio. I have attempted the manuals instructions:

From ignition key position 1.
To set ahead: turn the right knob to the
To set back: turn the right knob to the

Position 1 is 1 click clockwise after inserting the key right?

Thats alot of answers i need before tomorrow i know, im sorry!!

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A lot of questions...but I can only help you with the lower intake boot. I took the plastic thing out of the way. I don't know what it is, but you've labeled it as the DISA valve. I don't remember exactly what torx bit it needed but it's something like t35 or t40.

Once that's out of the way you have a better shot at the hose clamps. I bought a flexible, 6mm hose clamp driver off ebay for $8. I know you said you need this by tomorrow but this was the easiest solution I found. The neck bends so you can easily get around things and remove the clamps.

It looks like this:

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