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quarterly race

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background: back in the old forum some of u may remember that i rarely race. it has been months since i played around and had fun. the last one was that mercedes (yeah, it was that long ago).

i wouldn't call this a kill, and this was hardly a race because i admit what i did was really cheating, but i was just fucking with the guy anyway.

on the freeway in my mirror i saw an integra trying to catch up to me. i really wasn't in the mood, but then i had a funny idea of how to fuck with his mind just for kicks. i rev matched into 4th before he was in earshot, so i guess he'd be assuming i'm in 5th all along.

as expected, he starts tailing me. i let him do it for a good half mile or so.

then i rev match into 3rd, he downshifts too, but then since i'm in 3rd, bam. gone. god i wish i could see his face.

i slow down for my offramp, there's another riced integra nearby. the first integra caught up and pulled up along side and we just sorta grinned at each other, he had a sort of WTF? :huh: look on his face. then i guess the other integra wanted to play, so the two integras went at it as i exited the ramp.

pretty funny.
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lol good one desmobob! hows paridise treating you?
you own the M3 and the bike (in your sig) ?
nice bike
whats the bike in the pix?
in-laws are in town, plus i had curb-rashed my front rim two hours earlier, so i was in a really foul mood yesterday. :angry: i know it was lame of me, i didn't really want a race, but i just had to beat down on somebody, even if it was a poor integra. :wacko:

Originally posted by presto@Apr 27 2003, 10:11 AM
whats the bike in the pix?
the bike:
sorry that site is a work in progress. much of it doesn't work yet. ;)
cool man, like the bike, nice pics :)
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