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imagine a car the shape of a 1995 7 series Bm but 2-3 feet longer....... made by Volkswagon!

i've never seen anything like that in there current production range.... have you?

any ideas...... has anyone heard of Vw making anything to take on the 7 series.....
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yeah, it's called the Phaeton.

back seat climate control:

powerplant is a couple of VR6 engines joined at the crankshaft (aka W12)
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it didnt look like that......

it was more boxy like the old 7 series, a lot lower sitting and flat in shape.....

it was on english plates but was left hand drive.....
I dont think the Phaeton is going to sell very well at first. I mean, regular VW customers cannot afford a $60,000 car, so it will have to attract new buyers, which will take time.
If you have 60,000 dollars to spend on a LUXURY car your buying a car for its name.... BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar not VW.....

So its kinda like the 600hp Civic Hatchback
back seat climate control: :eek: shit..
I wanna car with a onboard HOE
Originally posted by RedTape@May 31 2003, 07:42 PM
I wanna car with a onboard HOE
lol :rofl
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