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Hi everyone!!

I'm new to this forum as a registered member but as a guest has been watching for a long time!!! very good place indeed!!! :)

I would like to share with you what is happening with my car to find out what is going on with it.

Everything started with the funny fan blades wen they suddenly declared freedom being miles away from home. The car overheated and everything begun. I knew nothing about this common failure.

I replaced the fan blades and clutch, water pump (used an EMP Stewart for quality not for racing), changed the thermostat to a lower temperature version with a matched electric fan switch, the radiator, the coolant expansion tank, all the hoses, resurfaced the head and a new head gasket set.

Most of these parts were in good working condition but i wanted to overhaul the cooling system the best i could to just forget about this thing for years to come. (just bought the 3 more *&ˆ%$#@ fan blades to replace it every two years.)

Oooops by the way, i knew nothing about the head bolt set so it has the old ones.

Now the problem:

Since the repair, the car behaves very strange, it was consuming a lot of water but as the time passed, it consumes a lot less... like 1/8 gallon of water after a whole day in VERY heavy traffic under a tropical climate with air conditioner turned on all day.

If you use the car today, tomorrow may be very complicated to start because the car engines seems like i won't crank, the starter feels like trying to move an engine that refuses to move and an horrifying noise comes from the starter, a metallic one. After some trials, it finally starts. I have read that when there's water on the cylinder and because water is harder to compress than air/fuel mixture, the engine could refuse to start.

No overheating, no white smoke, i can't see any water evidence in oil or oil in water.

I think it is a head failure, maybe its resurface and or replacement wasn't well made. any ideas?

I was looking at autohead performance to buy a reconditioned head. any toughs?

On the other hand since the first time i didn't knew about the bolts, any other thing i must take into account when making this replacement? any ideas?

Thank you very much in advance!

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