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long story short i have owned the car for nearly six months (bought from england) and in this time i have had several problems...all have been solved except for one !!! it all started when i was smelling alot of exhaust which resulted in a manifold change..all filters were found cloaked with exhaust fumes which resulted in the engine stating that it has a fault with increased emmision.... after all this the car was running perfect but sometimes the engine light appears stating the same problem in increased a lover of power i bought a chip from a german manufacturer....i fitted the chip....after using the car everything was working good. :).... when using the car later in the evening, i found that the car wasn't responding as it should be....seemed as if the car was reving but with no power output :mad ( in other world with the revs it was making you would expect much more speed )....the next day i went to the bmw dealer and on computer check it resulted in an air flow meter,particulate filter and ALL six heaters !!! couldn't understand what happend....complained about the chip as obviously i thought it was because of it...but after sending it out and checking it on other bmw nothing was wrong...after installing the airflow meter everything returned to normal...the fault was cleared but i didn't change the particulate filter actually i removed it after persistent error of increased emmision...after this the engine check has never appeared.... the next day i re installed the chip and sadly the same problems a new airflow meter again and everything reutrned to normal...obviously killed the chip... definetly not installing it again but still i cannot understand why this happens only on my car....:conf....after a month running with the car normally STANDARD....after coming home after an overland holiday to italy with car doing roughly 1000 km ...coming out of a side street entering a motorway obviously accelerating from standing hard...the car pushed normally but a cloud of black or white smoked (don't know exactly the colour) after this i had no power, the same as with the fault of the airflow meter , high revs no power on each gear but very slowly..............:conf :mad.....coming bacck very angry, i done another engine check and resulted in ANOTHER AIR FLOW METER.. IMPOSSIBLE.A CONTAINER IS ARRIVING :rofl ....i cleaned the engine including egr, throttle valve etc...they were all dirty ( the engine has done 120 000 miles)...changing the air flow meter AGAIN...another different problem has fault are showing but the car has simply lost alot of power..the first gear is slow up to 3000 rpm and seems that after this lag a sort of power boost comes consitently throughout the gears but below 3000 rpm there is no speed maybe the turbo???? PLEASE try to help me....another thing...if a fault saying that there is an error with the airflow meter does it necesserily mean that the air flow meter doesn't work?... on the computer check the throttle valve also appears signaling fault E463 code....
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