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I am getting ready to order my 2nd 3 series a 330Ci Coupe the 1st was a 92 325i; I would like to be prepaid when I meet with the salesperson; my experience with the local dealer :banghead s with regards to technology issues is that their knowledge is very limited. So, I am looking for feedback/experience on issues regarding BMW’s wireless communication system “BMW Assist,” the ability of using the “Bluetooth” wireless protocol of my cell phone, and upgrading to XM/Sirius satellite radio.

From the research I have done on the web I believe that I have found that when the “BMW Assist” system is preinstalled from the factor there is no option for “Bluetooth” capabilities. But, a factory upgrade kit is available for “Bluetooth;” my understanding is that the upgrade renders “BMW Assist” useless and uses the mounting points intended for the XM/Sirius satellite radio components. In other words, if I want “Bluetooth” capabilities I can not have “BMW Assist” or XM/Sirius satellite radio.

It seems that BMW does not offer any internet resources to cover questions regarding specifics on options. Can some please provide any accurate or full information regarding these BMW available features and the compatibilities with each other?

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