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power seat trouble`

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My passenger side power seat wont go up as in recline to unrecline... the motor is probably not burned out because it still makes the same noise... Could it be a loose wire? anyone know? If its totally fucked im gonna go for some new seats which could be cool...
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i assume you checked to make sure nothing is blocking it or holding it up.
all i can think that maybe wrong is that there is a problem with the motor. sure it may make a noise , but if its not moving , maybe something is broken like the leveling device.
i dunno does the other functions work?
I would be willing to bet that it is the white nylon gear is broken. This is the exact same thing that happened to me. I would engage the button to recline the passenger seat and could hear the motor run, but the seatback would not move. I took the seat out, removed the rear motors and took the cover off a small gearbox. I discovered a small white nylon gear was broken. The BMW dealer does not sell a replacement gear and could not find one in a salvage yard. Luckily, I posted my problem on another message board and someone responded. He took the initative and had new gears custom machined out of bronze. The cost was about $80 and the fit was perfect. Also, I will never have to worry about the gear failing again. However, there are a total of 4 of these nylon gears (2 in each seat). I would suggest removing the good gear and contacting a local machinist to see if they can duplicate the gear.
BMW doesn't even sell the gearbox? Who makes the seats that BMW uses?
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