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I'm brand new here. I have a 318iS convertible and I've had it for about four years. It's registered as a 1992, but a mechanic told me its registration # is really a late 1991. Who knows....

When I got the car it had had its radio "removed." Recently I got around to getting a new radio and it works fine, except it has no range because the electric antenna doesn't seem to be connected and/or it's broken. There is an antenna wire connected to the radio and the speakers are all attached, too. I've tried to take off the outside antenna bolt to no avail, so I can't tell if it is connected and broken or not attached. Inside the trunk looks formidable, but I'm game to try.

I have arthritis, but I'm quite handy (as my brother used to say..."for a dame.") Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to proceed? Thanks a lot!:)
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