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I have for sale a set of Polished BBS RC's w/ tires. The rears are 18"x10" with 255/45zr/18 Continetal ContiSportContact and the fronts are 18"x8.5" with 235/50zr/18 Continetal ContiSportContacts. There is at least 50% tread left on all, if not more. I am selling them due to performance over style conflicts. I thought these would make a nice addition to my M3, but then I took a ride in a AA turbo car. Ok, new they are $459 each for wheels and $219 each for tires. So I think $1700 obo, is a fair price to ask? These wheels look absolutely beautiful! A friend of mine has a set of 17" RC's and next to my 18's they look like little babies. The 18's dwarf them that much, it looks way more than just an inch difference, plus the rear 18X10's have that deep dish look which is just sexy. These wheels originally came off of a 2001 740iL. I know everyone will ask if they will fit a M3, the answer is yes...BUT... you will need to roll your fenders to accommodate the massive 10" in the rear, which any body shop can do. And if you were looking to get a wide body kit anyway, problem solved! They will also fit 5 Series and obviously the 7 series. You will also need a set of Hub Centric Rings from BBS for M3's, which are around $2.00 a piece, I can get you the part #'s if needed. So please let me know if you are interested. Either PM me, AIM me @ adidas3933, or call my cell @ 330-618-3001 anytime. If I don't answer leave a voice message, and I'll get back to ya.

P.S. I can email anyone pictures apon request...

Thanks Saloon
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