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Pls help, looking to buy 2006 325i

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I've found a couple 2006 325i & 328i with 41,000 miles or less in my price range but I need to know approx what the maintenance costs will be over the next 4 years will be. Is standard maintenance, oil changes etc, super expensive? Also what major maintence can I expect to have to do and how much will that run? Sorry to ask so many questions but since these cars are at the top end of my price range I don't want to buy it and then be unable to afford the maintence. Thanks!
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I bought a used 2006 325XI a year ago. It now has 50K miles. I get the oil changed at the dealer (Carmax) I bougth it from. It has been $50. I just had my first taste of other routine maintenance, mainly, brakes pads/rotors need to be replaced and I have been quoted $1000 by several different shops. It ain't cheap to own a BMW but it's worth it!
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