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Hi all!
I recently bought a 2001 540i AT.
The car really stuns me,, but problems and problems..
First ! when I start the car it makes a huge white smoke for like 1 second and its gone.
what could be the problem?
Second ! when the cars idling, it shakes alot and when the temperature gets to a center it does not shake( only little bit)
Third ! The car itself has no power at all. for some reason car pulls good and then there is a loss power.
Forth ! when i press the accelerator, it makes like a tapping sound, and when i let go the accelerator its dead quiet.
Fifth ! How do i fix the digital instrument?its all broken letters.
recently i did decat on my car since they told me catalyt converter was blocked and showed me the engine fault sign.
after that car was shaking, loss power..
please help me!all the mechanics are trying to rip me off with ridiculous price and no explanation.

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most of these are normal repairs except for the white smoke!

white smoke could mean antifreeze!other thing cause white smoke too. worst case- heads or headgastket(usually near the rear due to poor airflow). best case is your valley pan gasket could be bad(if it is a V-8). unless the car was abused or not taken care of it is fixable. my girl has almost gone thur two 525 motors before i meet her.

shaking-loss of power. vacuum leaks! bmw rubber gaskets need to be changed preventively!!!! intake manifold, throttle body gasket, vavle cover, check all vacuum hoses. check sensors! same with the entire suspension! best at 70k but a must before 140k.

does your car leak fluid and cant find it. valve cover and oil filter hosing gasket!

if your headgasket isn't bad than begin to look it the mentioned above. you can do all this yourself if you read the forum treads with pix or at least know how to turn a wrench. 5 out of 10 wrenches are the jobs above. oe or oem parts from import parts store.(GERMAN PARTS) or stealer if you have no choice.
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