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Hi guys i have just bought a BMW 318i SE E46, i went for a drive and when i came back i noticed oil on my drive way, i don't think its engine oil because its not black the fluid is thin and clear.

I'm wondering if this is break fluid or power steering fluid, or maybe gearbox fluid.

The leak is coming from the top end of the car, Ive tried to have a look under neath but everything seems very enclosed.

I'm a newbie when it comes to cars, please help guys.

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We first need you to identify what kind of fluid this is, and where it is coming from. It is hard for us to do that part of the job ourselves over the internet.

Brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid are all a similar color and viscosity to engine oil: brown/golden and somewhat thick.

What does it smell like?

Are you certain it is not water from the air conditioning condensation?

If it is blueish/greeninsh and smells sweet, it could be engine coolant.

If it smells soapy, it could be the windshield washer fluid.

Telll us more and we will give you the best we can.

ood luck.
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