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Hi my name is Frank, 47 and I'm from Pittsburgh and I own a 2000 740il. When I purchased the car odometer read 152,000. Tune-up, fuel filter and cabin filters are some of the things I had changed plus new tires. I also purchased Oil Separator Valve that I have to get put on also. I currently have 171,000 mi on it. I havent driven this car since May 2009. Beautiful car and plenty of "bells and whistles" which I like being a techie myself. Of course you all know, we use these forums because we're searching for answers to our problems. My problems began when I was driving home from work when my made a turn to go up a hill and the power was hesitant when I accelerated. The car couldnt pull the hill and I had to put the car in reverse and back it into an empty lot. The digital display read "TRANS Fail Safe Prog". Not Good. I had the car towed on a flatbed to my place and there it sat. I never made an attemppt to put it out on the highway again for fear that it would die on me.

I have a modest income, being laid off didnt help either, and would like to entrust my car to a local independent mech vs dealership for reasons of cost:help

It would be a big help if someone from the Greater Pittsburgh area, who is a member of this site to point me in the right direction so that I can get my baby back on the road. However I will accept any and all input I can get. I'm not mechanically gifted, but I can do somethings on my own (change oil, plugs, tires) and I have some tools. I have the Bentley Service Manual and I've been trying to figure this out on my own. I've been to most of the Bimmer sites;(, Bimmerfest and this one) and it seems that most of the posts relating to mine (Trans Fail Safe Prog) could have different causes to engage this program.

What my concern boils down to is that I want to get this problem fixed on the first try. Is that possible? Our will this be the first of many trips to the indy mech/dealership to get this resolved. Thank you for reading my lengthy post and hopefully a solution to my issue.
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