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Hi Guys.

What are some good performance modifications to increase HP for the 2.8L in a 528i? Thanks.
Truth be told, there really isn't anything short of supercharging that shows huge numbers. However, if you're not willing to go that route I recommend a few things.

- Cold air intake (the stock airbox is highly restrictive and prevents the engine breathing properly) This will also help with throttle response and it will likely give you some power down low in the rev range. I recommend either an aFe system or a Jim Conforti Eurosport CAI as both come with heatshields/splash shields.


- Chip tuning: There are several programmers for BMW's out there but the one I've used and the one that I think is he best is the Shark Injector designed by Jim Conforti. It downloads your cars original tune and stores it in memory then uploads it's software on to your ECM which makes it reversible. The tune for our cars improves throttle response, adds more power and torque in the mid range, and removes the electronic speed limiter.

Conforti Shark Injector

- Free flowing exhaust: If you add an intake it's going to be a good idea to add a free flow exhaust. The stock system is not only heavy but it's extremely restrictive. There are actually 2 resonators in line between the cats and the muffler. You can have an exhaust built for you relatively cheap. However, you can also look into a Supersprint straight pipe and a free flow muffler at back. This will obviously make your car louder but it will definitely help your motor perform better with the aforementioned mods.

Some other things:
Underdrive pulleys

I hope this information helps. :D

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Thanks for the info.

Looks like the cold air intake and chip tuning are good places for a rookie to start. They both look straight forward.

With both of these modifications, any idea of the HP and torque increases? I read where the cold air intake mod should increase the HP by 10 to 20.

Your assistance is appreciated.
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