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So on my way home from work I was trying to figure out why my cruise control doesn't always work (I rest my foot lightly on cloth pedal). Well driving through santee I was towards the end of the town, by the 67 and a hummer comes up on me and rides me, he tries to pass. I down shift to third wind it out and eat the twisties like no tomorrow and put like a quarter mile on him. He almost didn't make the turn but screw him for he should have seen the M badge before riding my ass. Stupid over weight, over sized American suvs.

Went to long beach to visit my aunt before a car meet, caught traffic which delayed my trip by about two hours. Well on my way to the meet we caught traffic again and ended up stopped next to this focus svt, he and his drunk passenger commented on my car, they loved it! Anyways he spun the tires from the stop so I do the same bouncing the tach off the rev limiter a few times, burning second(gotta put all season on soon). So we continue down the freeway and we end up taking the same exits all the way to 15 south.
So we lined up on the high way to do a couple pulls, he actually stayed with me. Anyways we end up taking the same exit to murryetta, he asks to check out my ride. Once again they love it, I got a free set of gold plated zero gauge connectors out of it and his number? Anyways it was fun.

After leaving the meet my buddy with a 330ci has been wanting to run me, so we do a few pulls, once again I pull ahead. Granted he has an auto, I give him props.

On our way home a Chevy 1500 ss comes up real fast, I was just going to say screw it but I was having to much fun. So I catch up to him, we are running a little over a hundred we do our pull and yes I was surprised to put well over two car lengths on him between a hundred to about one thirty.

Now don't take me as a reckless driver, it was late at night with minimum California traffic. I have not done anything like this for about two years now. Man I miss being home.
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