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Wahoo!! that that's outta the way here we go. I finally got my Motorola Droid to work with my e39 540i. I figured I would post to help others. The first step is purchasing a Eclipse BT-E600/Parrot CK3000 70$, and Connects 2 steering wheel adapter CTPPAR008 Connects2 CTPPAR008 Parrot BMW Steering Wheel Interface £65.39 including VAT. CTPPAR008. Buy discounted car audio online at In-Car Expressafter getting all of that installed it was time to pair with my droid. After 10 hours of scratching my head and using a LOT of curse words, I was finally able to connect the phone. what you need to do is download Bluetooth file transfer from the droid app store (free), now your not done yet. This software only works if the phone is rooted. To do that I recommend following this tutorial
. After rooting the phone and pairing the device for the first time you will need to wipe the bluetooth memory from the parrot. To do this you will need to hold down the green and red buttons on the controller. One you hear the ladies voice say please pair device, turn the car off to kill the power. Turn the car back on and re-pair the device. at this point you will still get the paired but not connected. At this point turn the car off and back on. You should at this point be able to hear the beep that denotes that the device is connected. (Wahoo!) if you are still having problems try clearing the bluetooth again and repeating the steps.

I have an app on my phone that turns the blue tooth on and off, all I do is turn it on, get in the car, start it and you hear the phone pair...Awesome!!

There are a couple things to keep in mind here. If you are in the car with it on once the bluetooth is connected and dis connect the phone, it will only reconnect if the power is killed to the unit and turning the car on and off.

The steering wheel controls are awesome and work really well.

Note about the droid...bluetooth KILLS your phone battery very quickly. I highly recommend integrating a hard-line for the this one that I also installed (If people wanna see how I did this I can do a how too as well, just being lazy right now.)

The total cost of this install was about 250 (including the dock and other ods and ends) which is about 500$ less then oem, and $200 less then the bavauto kit.:neener

Good luck to all trying this...hope it works out...if you are having problems let me know and I will try and help.


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