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Here is what has happened, topped up the water because i had a water pump leak (new pump has now been fitted). But whilst out and about it over heated. Pulled over and found water coming from expansion tank. Garage has found a fault Cap on the expansion tank, was not holding pressure. Now the problem i have is that the gargae say it is running hot on idle. When driving it is fine then creaps to 3/4 at idle then creaps higher until fan goes on overdrive.

They claim air or exaust fumes are going into system, they have done a bodge by drilling two holes in the thermostat so water and air is constanly circulating. Car now operated below half. I have checked it over the last week, not using water and when the bleed is open no air. No oil in the Water or water in oil.

They put some radweld in due to age of rad. Could this be the cause of the problems? There is a pipe that runs from the top of the Rad to the expansion tank. Nothing comes out of this, is it ment to?

So after all that, what i need to know is, Is the car operting as normal (Never noticed what the temp gauge went to after exesive idle). Could the Head gasket be shot or has the garage seen Pound signs and are trying to blind me with mechanics.

All in all what i dont understand, if the gasket was shot why am i not getting any symtoms other than the gauge raising on idle.

Please help, i don't want to splash out £600.

1989 E30 320i SE
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