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About 3 years ago I bought an e21 '82 320iS. I began buying alot of parts to stock pile, and install them when Im ready.

I came across some new wheels on ebay for like $300. I think they're just an off-beat brand, Sportmaxx or something. Theres tons of them on ebay.

I liked them because they incorporated the gold centers, and had a nice lip. Only thing that sucked was the fact that the lip was chrome, and I didn't realize they were like that until they arrived.

Although, I began to like the stock wheels on my car. Theyre the basket weave BBS type, with the gold center, which I would have to touch them up or send them out to get the restore the faded gold, and silver/grey lip.

The Sportmaxx wheels are 15's and i believe 7'' wide, and I got thinking about the size. I dont know if 15's would fit well or without too much modification. Especially if I need to get spacers and longer studs. I dont know if it would be worth the effort, and not quite sure how the design would even look on my e21. Now Im wondering if they would look tacky, especially with the chrome.

Let me know what you think.



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ya know, if a guy were to fill in the extra lug pattern, and get a centercap for them, find a roundel to fit on the cap, i think they would look friggin awesome. And 15's shoudl fit fine, i run 17's on my e30 in the summer without a problem.

damn those things are growing on me lol

EDIT...the BBS on your e21 should be 14's...just account for that when you get rubber and you shouldn't have a problem at all, ie, go from a 195/55R14 to a 195/44R14. as long as the overall circumference of the wheel is around the same, you will be fine.
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