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If you've thought about upgrading your ride w/ a set of new shoes and looked around a bit, then your definitely aware of the multitude of choices out there as well as the countless number of places to buy. After months of looking around, checking other's whips and a few photoshop sessions ("test fitting" every wheel under the sun).....I decided to scoop up a set of M3 CSL replica wheels from Velocity Motoring wheel company.

And while there are several different websites that sell VM products (I don't live in NYC or LA --not a lot of local dealers of BMW wheels), Modbargains came highly recomended by other BMW fanatics.

Maybe I'm old, or overly cautious with my money, or maybe i just spent too many years working in retail during my college years... but I'm always skeptical to make purchases from online dealers. Poor (or non-existent) customer service, zero return policies, NOT catering to the local economy and the potential of just plain being ripped off are all things that generally come to mind w/ the .com retailers, all based on a few unfortunate previous experiences i've had in the past.

So i sent a long email to Mike at Modbargains explaining what i was lookin' for, what i was putting them on, what i had done to the car and a few general conerns i had. His response immediately put my mind at ease as his response was positive, thorough and cordial. Not only did he make me confident in spending money w/ MB, but he also guaranteed the lowest price on the net. I was sold, and placed my order.

The only thing left to do at this point was sit and wait. I did inquire as to the status of my order while waiting and Mike and the staff always responded, keeping me informed of where we were at in the process. And while it did take a few weeks for delivery (explained to me on the front end, as i ordered a wheel/tire combo and they had to order all components, then mount/balance, then ship), my new shoes arrived in perfect shape and very well packaged. They also advised me with tracking numbers as soon as these puppies shipped.

As for the product, I must say there is no better value out there. These are virtually the same weight as my oem 17's (that's right, 2 inches bigger and nearly the same weight), the finish is perfect and the concave nature of the CSL wheel is straight pimp (other reps don't have as nice of a shape). I would definitely recomend these to anyone looking to upgrade. They are offered in 18 and 19", staggered/non-staggered setups, shipped with or w/o tires already mounted and balanced.

And i would definitely recomend modbargains for all your BMW needs. They sell a lot more than just wheels -- performance mods, exterior aerodynamics, suspension components, lighting...the list goes on and on. Good folks, good prices and the customer service i would expect out of my favorite store down the street much less an online vendor. I will definitely look to MB as i continue to mod the new hotness. --joeY

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