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Okko Lighting LED Headlight Review

Today, I am posting this as a review of the LED Headlight Kit I received from Okko Lighting.

For many of us with standard halogen headlights seeing on dark unlit roads or in adverse weather conditions can be difficult. I have wanted to increase the visibility of my headlights for a while, but I haven't been interested in HID's

because of the slow start up time in the cold. Thankfully LED technology has been improving over the years. Currently all the interior bulbs, and license plate bulbs in my truck are LED. Recently I was made aware of a company called

Okko Lighting, that specialized in LED lighting, including LED headlight bulb technology. Interested in the performance of LED's in a headlight application I contacted them. My biggest concerns were how well they would handle the cold

weather of our Canadian climate. Stephan was quick to respond to my questions and informed me that all of their lighting products, which include LED light bars, and LED spot and work lights, were subject to rigorous testing to ensure

they met high quality standards, including being able to stand up to extreme temperatures. My other important question was will LED bulbs work in regular halogen projectors? Will they still be able to provide focused light without

blinding other drivers? Stephan assured me that they would work in halogen reflectors without the need for modification to the reflector.

They manufacture the LED bulb kits in several different bulb kits for different applications and vehicles. I choose the 9006 bulb kit for my GMC Jimmy, which can also be used in my E36 BMW. Shipping was quite prompt considering it came

from China. I forgot to ask for a tracking number when I paid by PayPal which was my fault, but im sure one would be provided upon request. The payment was made on October 30th and my package arrived on November 13th! That's pretty good

shipping and processing from China in my opinion (based on the number of items I have purchased in the past from overseas).

Here is the specifications of the kit from their website at LED Auto Headlight Bulb [OKKO-LEDAutoheadlight] - $99.00 : Okkolighting


High power, High brightness, and strong penetrating power.
Designed to last 80,000 hours!
No warm up time!
No relays to run, get a true plug and play high / low setup.
Ballasts are solid aluminum with a built in fan.
Low voltage protection, high precision constant current driver chip.
True Plug-N-Play Conversion Kit.
Safe for headlight and fog light, won't melt the housing and runs cooler than stock Halogen bulbs & HID bulbs.
1800 LM light output
Fits into existing headlights or fog lights, no modification or retrofitting required.
Bulb lifespan of 5 to 10 years.
Ballasts and bulbs are water resistant and shockproof.
Waterproof connectors and grommets.
Guaranteed for life!

When you get the box it will look like this:

These bulbs are similiar to HID's in that they have a ballast as well, but they plug directly into the standard 9006 bulb socket. When you first open the box you will see the two bulbs, and the two ballasts as seen below:

The bulbs twist in to the socket the same as a standard 9006 bulb. The only difference is the heat sink and cooling fan attached to the back of the bulbs. The heat sink is made of aluminium, but the small fan is made of plastic so care is needed when installing in applications with less room.The heat sink and fan will greatly increase the amount of room taken up behind where the bulb plugs in. For most applications, please ensure you have sufficient room behind your bulb socket for these to work. I didnt have much room, so for the GMC Jimmy some modification was required. In the following two pictures you can see how much additional room the heat sink application takes up.

Below, is the wiring connectors from the bulb itself to the ballast. I found this to be well designed as the connector I am holding has a screw cap to keep the connector closed and keep moisture and water out.

In this picture you can see the bulb installed, and connected and the ballast tucked in behind the headlight. The ballast is small enough that it fits in behind with no issues. For now, I have left it tucked in their, but you could choose to mount somewhere else depending on your application. This picture was taken pre modification to the headlight.

Modifying the headlight on a GMC Jimmy: Because of how far the bulb sticks out, it pushing the mounting tab closest to the fender back to far. This makes it so the headlight wont re install properly and the beam will be pointing upwards, which is pointless. To modify the headlight I used a hack saw to cut off the second plastic mounting tab as seen in the pictures below:

Once this modification was made the headlight fit perfectly. While modding their headlight isn't for everyone, not everyone will have too.The headlight is still secured to the vehicle and I am not worried about it falling out.


Onto the actual light output themselves. This kit is rated at 1,200 Lumens. For those that don't know what a Lumen is, its a measurement of light. And 1,200 of them is a LOT. To put it this way, the brightest flashlight I own is 800 Lumens and can throw light up to 500 meters!

I had recently purchased a set of PIAA Xtreme White headlight bulbs and I had been using those at the time of this kit. They are rated to be some of the brightest halogen 9006 bulbs commonly found in stores so I think this will be an excellent comparison. I found that the PIAA Xtreme White bulbs were noticeably brighter then the old Sylvannia bulbs I had been using before. On dark, unlit roads I could definitely notice a difference between the two. I paid $90 for a set of the PIAA's locally. While that is a fair bit of money for a set of halogen bulbs, I felt it was worth it at the time over the standard halogen bulbs that most people use.

Here is the PIAA Xtreme White bulbs in the GMC Jimmy:[IMG]

The slight purple tinge is only noticeable in the photo. That is not apparent in person.


You can see the light output with the PIAA's is pretty decent. I was kinda close to a street light at the time so this wasnt in pitch black conditions.

Now for the important part! Who wants to see what the LEDs are like? This picture below is one LED bulb, and one PIAA Xtreme white Bulb. I will let you guess which is which. Between the first photo of the truck, and this one, the ONLY thing that has changed is the installation of one LED bulb. Time between pictures was less then 5 minutes, and distance taken is the same.

Figured out which is the LED bulb? Ya its the drivers side one. Pretty impressive so far!

Both LED's installed:

Here are the pictures showing light output:

Comparison shot between the LED 9006 bulbs, and my standard halogen 9005 High Beams:


My first drive with the LEDs I was blown away. I can see much more at night then I could before. The LEDs illuminate road signs much further away and are much easier to see now! Beam pattern remained the same which is excellent. So far nobody has "high beamed" me to say my lights were blinding them. That was really important for me out of this kit. I wanted brighter headlights without being obnoxious to other drivers and I got them!

For the money this is kit absolutely delivers on value. You can spend $90 on PIAA or other headlight bulbs and have a better then stock light output, or you can skip that and spent $99 + $30 shipping (to Canada) and have a substantially better light output. Installation of this kit was very easy and was plug and play as claimed. If you can change the headlights on your car then you can install this kit. Overall I am very happy with this kit so far and I look forward to seeing how it performs over the winter. I plan to purchase an LED light bar from Okko Lighting and Stephan in the near future.

For additional pictures you can also follow me on Instagram at @E36M52
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