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Though I did not see 2001 325ci on any list for the models in each forum I'm relatively sure it's an e46.

So recently my power steering goes out, I suspect the pump because of a leak but after dropping by the dealership to get it checked on record they confirm that it is broken, however the leak is my oil separator. Searched through the forum didn't find anything about it, I'll look for my own answers in the mean time but until I check back... what exactly is the function of it? How much will it run me for a new part only? I don't have a lift but is it possible I might be able to do this replacement myself?

Also on a side note, been lookin at CAI's(Looking for a slight boost in torque) and Eurosport's CAI for 389.99 caught my eye... and certain models say they can fit other E46 models like a 330ci, is there really no way it will bolt straight to mine?

P.S. Love my car. Love bmw. Love subaru too.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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