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So I had been looking at Audi A4's but recently I drove an 3 series and liked it a lot. I currently drive a 04 Yukon, so it would be a BIG change for me. The dilemma I am having is which direction to go as far as the year and model. There is a 06 330i sedan at the dealership, that has the premium package and thats it. It has about 47,000 miles and it is listed at $24,990. I do not like that it does not have the sport package and I am also looking for navigation, but it seems to be a good deal and maybe I can get them to switch out the wheels to something like the sport. My other option seems to be looking like a 2007 328i sedan, I do not have it exactly narrowed down, but I definitely would want the sport and at least premium package. What would you guys recommend and why? I am looking for as much info as possible since Im new to BMW's in general.
Thanks in advance!
Here is the place and website I am looking to buy from Search Used vehicles BMW of Columbia BMW in Columbia, Lexington, Chapin, Sumter, Blythewood South Carolina, offering new and Used BMWs, a Used BMW Dealer and a Used BMW Dealership offer Cars, Trucks and SUVs
Let me know if you guys see something that looks good.
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