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Finalized plans are as follows

Date: January 16th 2010

Time: 12pm

Place: Last rest stop in NJ on Route 80 west. It's after exit 4A.
You will see a McDonalds. Parking will be at McDonalds.

The drive to High Point will be close to 1 1/2 hours, so we can fill
up on route 94 before we go further if need be. Then we will take
some pictures at High Point, and then go to Outback steakhouse for


Bulldog71 (bimmerfest)
Gaza21 (bimmerfest)
hissinm3 (Bimmerforum)
9T3 325iS (Bimmerforum)
revoevom (Bimmerforum)
MikeVance (Bimmerforum)
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BigTe30 (e30tech) maybe
secono330ci (e46fanatics)
vgame64 (E90Post)
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cheu f50 (M3forum)
calvinf1 (M3forum)
roobe16 (M3forum)
mainstray (M3forum)
meccanoble (m3forum) maybe

Here is the route I am planning. It's about 2 hours total. It has a
lot of curves and awesome scenery.

Kitchen to Outback Steakhouse - Google Maps
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