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Hi all,

I will start by introducing my self.
my name is steven and i drive a 1998 bmw 525tds and live in holland.
The car has been tottaly face lifted to the 2003 model.
a whas reading up on bimmerwerkz and so you comment on somebody ho had bought a 528i with sound from the front but they did't go into detail what the problem whas / could be

My problem i whas hoping you could help me out with is:

when i turn the steering i hear a nok and can feel it on the steering a bit.
this also acours when ( only sometimes ) i brake or accelerate.
now the intersting bit.
when the car has been jackd up then the first couple of turn it looks like it has gone but then after say 3 corners it appears again.
i only hear this problem with low speed or parking up

i hope somebody can help me out with some idea's???

sorry for the bad English hope you understand.

yours sencairly,

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