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Greetings all. Well after some time away from BMW's I'm back with them with a 2003 3.0d x5. A few minor issues but one that is bugging me at the moment is the audio. So....
1:all four speakers FL FR RR RL work.
2: the bm54 has been refubished and works 100% on the test rig
3: with the L/R balance in the middle sound comes out of all 4 speakers but with no left audio.
4: pan to the right and the right speakers work
5: pan to to the left and there is nothing.

There is basically no left audio being received by the amp. Radio, cd , tape (urgh) evenusing a fm transmittor and using the balance on my phone there is no left channel audio.
Many thanks in advance so let me hear those ideas as it's bugging the p*ss out of me -_-
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