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The sports car relationship between Toyota and BMW will result in two cars that won’t compete with each other.

The two automakers’ joint sports car project will birth two different sized vehicles with the Supra nameplate heading back to Toyota’s lineup while BMW will create its next-generation Z4. The two models are expected to feature a hybrid, four-wheel drive setup that utilizes BMW gasoline and electric motors. The German automaker is understood to be in charge of bringing its expertise in construction and carbon fiber to the architecture.

The Japanese automaker has previewed its new Supra with the FT-1 concept which will be significantly larger than the existing Z4. As a result, expect the platform that the two vehicles will be built on to be scalable and according to Ian Robertson, BMW sales and marketing board member, 'The cars in themselves don’t actually need to be positioned the same. The platform can spawn two positionings.'

No decision on production for both vehicles have been made, but they’ll likely be built at one factory similar to Toyota and Subaru’s partnership on the FR-S and BRZ.
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