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Hello everyone!

My names Jackson, and I recently purchased an E36 and LOVE IT! It is my new daily driver and I couldnt ask for more. I'm usually not big on the clone thing, or having a car with fake badges but I couldn't get over the look of the car for the price. It needs a bit of work, but that's no big deal.

Here are some pictures:

(Carbon Fiber Hood! :D)

I'm new to BMW's so I'll be doing a BUNCH of researching to learn about them.

Here is my other Baby. My 93 3000GT VR-4 (Twin Turbo AWD Beast)

Looking forward to being a part of the Werkz!

PS: Couple quick Q's already if anyone has the time. :) My Right side Halo lights are out but the left side works.. any Suggestions?
And where is a great side for quality aftermarket E36 parts?


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Welcome to Bimmerwerkz...........:)

Halos not working on one side could be a loose wiring connection in the plug portion of the back of the head light or a bad inverter ballast!

jb :)
p.s. my E36 is only .4 liters away from being M badge worthy! lol.........
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