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Hello everyone...would like to get your opinion on this issue and hopefully it would help me to convince my wife to go with another BMW instead of switching to the "other" German car.

My wife and I are debating on whether we should trade in our reliable 2002 328i for the 2006 E500 with just premium package or 2006 550i with sport, premium, and comfort access. The E has roughly 48K miles and the 550i has 52K miles. The 550i is around $ 2K more than the E500.

Personally I want the 550i due to more horsepower and of course the sport package. My wife is into more comfort. How can I convince my wife to go with the ultimate driving machine? Also, is there any known mechanical problem for the 550i? I noticed that some are recommending to have the engine cooling unit replaced at 50K miles. If this is the case, then I'm not sure if this is something I want to get into. Both cars do not have any warranty.

Thanks alot gents!!!

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