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I found this site when I decided to buy my first BMW. I was looking for a used car to replace my suburban that threw a rod and came across a 330i for 3k. Rough idle with check engine and steering play.

The steering is fixed for 75$ and an hour of my time replacing the steering coupling. The rough idle and light is from the pcv/ccv. Runs lean, stuck wide open at idle, but runs great at high speeds. This will be replaced in the next week when the part comes in the mail...with the hoses as well. Heard this is a couple hour job but work the time if it fixes the idle and the light.

Next issue I have come across is a noise in the rear end. Not a hum, whine or roar but a popping/slipping noise in the rear...more center or right side. Only happens when I mash the peddle from a stop or slow crawl. Mid speeds to highway speeds and I mash, no noise. Almost sounds like a slipping axle or worse case...differential. Anyone else ever have issues with either two?
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