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I am looking for a NEW replacement Air flow / Air Mass meter for the following BMW (Australia)

1993 318i E36 (M40)

I have searched high and low and I am unable to find a NEW replacement Air flow meter or a Air Mass Meter.

I am in Australia so any site recommended must have shipping to Australia.

I am having major problems with surging or irregular idle. the surging or idling is getting progressively worse to the point of now the engine stalls all the time when stopping waiting for traffic lights to change.

I have had the extensive work done to this car ( all original parts )
replaced engine / gearbox / both ecu's / oxy sensor / throttle poss sensor / new exhaust / all new pipes fitted through engine bay / new radiator / new suspension / and a lot of other parts to long to mention.

This BMW has only had original parts used and my mechanic is a authorised BMW repairer.

The only problem now is the idling / surging after extensive testing and investigation we have traced the problem to the Air flow meter which has been cleaned and replaced twice with second hand ones.

Why WE are total convinced the problem is the air flow / air mass meter is the BMW mechanic I have used did the following tests to highlight and show the problem.

While he had another 318i (m40) bmw in his shop he took off the air flow meter from that car and placed it on mine which solved the problem and he placed my air flow meter on the other bmw and it had the problem.

We have both decide not to try any more second hand parts again as the frustration in getting these parts and finding out the problem hasn't been fixed is very annoying. Thats why I am looking for a NEW air flow / air mass meter.

Sorry for the long winded posting but I just need people to see we are totally convinced about this error without suggesting other things.

If anyone can suggest a location or place I can contact about getting a NEW replacement air flow / air mass meter now it must be for a 1993 318i E36 with a M40 engine.

I have contacted BMW and the original isn't made any longer, and they can only suggest second hand from a wreckers. ( been there done that twice)

I await any assistance that anyone may be able to provide.

Thank you for your time as this is my last resort.


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I wouldny buy a MAF from any body except BMW dealer or if you can find one on ebay make sure its a bosch try ( German ebay )
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