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Hi there my name is brett and as of yesterday im the proud owner of an 85 E30 325e.
its my first bmw ive owned and so far i like it. i will try to get pics in the next day or so to showcase it.
i wound up getting the car for $500 because i got it from my brothers girlfriends dad (if that makes sense lol)
it only has a few problems that i need to take care of like the cat is bad, speedo /obc isnt working either, and i cant figure out how to remove my dome light on the drivers side it also pulls a lil to the left but i can fix that on my own no problem.

im fairly mechanically inclined but being that this is my first bmw i know next to nothing about it other than that its an E30 and its fairly popular.

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Welcome! The E30 is a really easy car to work on. I have a friend who had a 91 325i and the car was pretty much bulletproof. He sold it with 235K miles on it and it still had the original motor and the original tranny. Apparently he still sees it on the road (it's modded so he knows what it looks like) and this is after he sold it two years ago.

There are quite a few members here on The Werkz who have E30's so I have no doubt you'll find answers to your questions. The OBC could just be burned or the fuse which powers it burnt out but those are both easy fixes.

Enjoy the new ride!
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