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Glad to be here and hope to have good experiences with people of like interests, BMWs. I have my little 2001 540i Sport, which is my pride and joy of autos and my wife has her 2007 MB E350 Sport, which she calls " beauty". She calls my car "the beast". I wonder why? I have noticed a glaring difference in thought between the 2 companies. Primarily that BMW does make "The Ultimate Driving Machine" and her MB is a real land cruiser. Like many of you, from time to time I have little problems with my BMW, yet they all seem to disappear when I get behind the wheel. Enough of my drivel. Hope to hear from some of you and I will definetly have questions from time to time, as I find my Bently manuals to be greatly lacking in detail and complete ommissions in some cases. If anyone needs to know how to replace the outside, locking gas cap cover solenoid, drop me a line. It's a piece of cake.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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