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I've owned my car for a little less than three years and have done a little modding in my ownership. I'm about 3/4 done and it's been a slow process because of being a typical broke college student, lol. I've never really posted many pics and have more or less lurked, but I've seen a couple build threads pop up recently so I decided hell, why not. Here's the current mod list of things on the car:

Dinan CAI
Dinan Stage II Software
Dinan Transmission Software
Dinan Exhaust

18x8" ASA AR1
Pirelli PZero Nero M+S 245/40/18
H&R Sport Springs
Bilstein Sport Shocks
M5 Rear Sway Bar

OEM Mtech Front Bumper
Active Autowerks Brake Duct Grill
DDM Blackout Kidney Grills
Umnitza P39 Headlights
DDM Apexcone 35W 6000k HIDs
Hella '00 M5 Tail lights
Hella Side Markers
M5 trunk lip
35% tint
French Fogs
Euro plate
Lamin-X 40mm
bf.c window sticker

The stuff in boxes waiting to be installed:
H&R Race springs
'Dinan' Prevanos Intake Manifold
Fuel Filter
EAC Bushings
Trans Filter Kit
Absent M5 Front Lip
Mtech front bumper
Rear plate LEDs
Quad brake lights
00 M5 Headlights
JBL Speakers

Current mod plans:
Remove Exhaust Resonator
Mtech Rear Bumper
Exotics Tuning Foglight Covers
New Wheels and Spacers

Onto the pics!

Here's the car as I picked it up, completely stock.

After that, my first mod was new wheels. In retrospect it was stupid of me to get the ASA's, but I was new and wanted the best looking wheels for the cheapest price I could get. I really don't like them now but hopefully in a few months I'll have enough dough to get some kind of BBS.

That accident was the catalyst that started the major modding plans. I decided that if everything needed replacing anyways, I might as well use the insurance money to get what I want. This included the OEM Mtech front, P39 headlights, all new cooling system
, Dinan intake, and getting rid of the old rock chipped hood! At around the same time I bought Depo tails, hella sidemarkers, AA brake duct grill, and the front euro plate. Here's some of the new goodies:

The day it got back from the bodyshop:

Installing the Dinan intake, AA grill, and europlate. You can see I also did a home depot ram air for the dinan intake on the passenger
side foglight cover. It's basically just the oem cover dremel'd out and screen placed in the void. I wanted the hamann covers but was too much $ at the time. Now Ken at exotics Tuning has released a more affordable version so I will be getting those ASAP.

It stayed like that for a little while until a few months ago I did a whole new round of mods. H&R Sport Springs, Bilstein Sport Shocks, OEM Hella clear tails, Blackout kidney grills, Dinan exhaust, M5 rear sway bar and a bunch of little maintience items.

Also ignore the way the exhaust hangs, it needs a better metal hanger.

Went on a whim to the drag strip during a meet. First time I've ever drag raced so it was a learning experience. I'll have pics later as I get them. 14.2 is not too bad however.


Best Run:
Reaction: .59
60FT: 2.11
330FT: 5.99
1/8 ET: 9.18
1/8 MPH: 77.28
1/4 ET: 14.27
1/4 MPH: 95.87

Reaction: .274
60FT: 2.22
330FT: 6.11
1/8 ET: 9.31
1/8 MPH: 76.76
1/4 ET: 14.38
1/4 MPH: 99.54

Reaction: .569
60FT: 2.17
330FT: 6.07
1/8 ET: 9.28
1/8 MPH: 76.77
1/4 ET: 14.39
1/4 MPH: 95.62

It seems every time I get the money and start looking into some kind of rare wheels for my car, something breaks. This time, it was a wet onramp that sent me backwards into a ditch. Only thing that was damaged was the underbody and the front bumper cover. I already replaced everything in the underbody, and I'm about to get my new bumper painted. Anyways, pics.

I'll prolly hold onto that bumper for Autox and drift events if I get around to doing one. It adds character. Onto the goodies:

10 points if you can spot the following: M5 bumper, Absent lip, H&R Race springs, Prevanos intake manifold, JBL Speakers, BRAND NEW 00 Hella M5 Headlights, EAC Bushings, Fuel Filter, And 3 diffrent kinds of M5 bumper mesh. I've been busy this week. Drilled the holes and mocked up the Absent lip, it should be very sturdy on the fast straights now. Mounted magnets to my mandatory VA front tags so no holes in my bumper or silly towhook mounting brackets. Just soldered the wiring on my rear tail light assemblies so now all I have to do is pick up a couple bulbs and I'm good to go on the quad brake light mod.

More pics of the absent M5 lip. Not sure if I like it yet, we'll see.

And yes, you read correctly. I picked up a pair of brand new OEM Hella 2000 M5 Headlights. Original Hella box and everything. The seller informed me he got them off his freind who works at Hella cheap because they are no longer in production. The price? Something like $250 shipped. I love finding deals.

Dropping the bumper off for paint
today so everything on the front end (headlights, bumper, lip, etc) should be on by next weekend. Then if all goes as planned, springs and intake manifold should be on the weekend after that.
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