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Hey whats up evey one :rule

well alittle about my self well this is my first bmw its a 94 325i 5 speed.i had the car for about 6 months now and it seems that the car is adjusting to my driving style :shifty (sarcasim) well the car is about 16 years old only two owners im # three. its about time for a complet over hall i dont think anything has ever been changed on the car other than the oil,oem radiator,alternator,oem spark plugs and probly just the brakes :D. so far problems ive encountered/found/come accross:

sunroof:it didnt want to open or close.ened up takein it down and found a piace of the plastic take holds the actule sunroof in place cracked off. so the only operations of the sunroof is the alll the way back position or the closed position. i cant put it in the up position were it stays cracked open on a slight angle. also the tracks where very dry. there was like old greas and grit both on the sliding track and on the metel that pulls the sunroof open and closed. so i cleaned off what i could and put some 3 & 1 oil in there put everything back in place and sunroof was operational. now the i guess vinal thats on there pealed off a 3rd of the way and was gettin stuck in slot thats there no bigy winter time :) im thinkin 3m spray and i had seen individual tracks for sell but ok for now

transmission: ya to the good stuff :D when i bought the car the tranny did not go in reverse and if i wanted to go in revers i would have to hold it in rev with pressor and easy on the clutch like a throtle. she's been popin out sometimes in 2nd but more oftin in 1st. i would have to make shore shes realy in there easy off the clutch while still applying pressor to make shore it didnt kick out.i have another trany in the back seat of the car i just got just need some good weather and some extra cash you for the just in cace i find somethin brokin in there + i realy dont want to open it up untill i get a clutch and fly wheel.since its gona be open and there.

dam i have the free trial i wonder if thay gona let this all in :D i have accople of othere things that are goin on cooling system,syspension,engine has a slight knock i think its the piston rings 250,000 miles. dont get it twisted thise car still has all its heart people pull up with there new cars but dont no how to drive sooo power with no driven skills leaves you seen tail lights. my bushings on the car have to be changed,lower control arm bushings,trailing arm buchings,tie rods,lower contorl arm bushings,engine bishings,motor oil build up from pcv upper front of engine,i think theres a power stering leak cant tell exacly were its comein from or if its motor oil or powerstearing haveint realy looked into it yet. abs light on probly disconected wire or somethin,radiator just cracked accople days ago ima put a thread in about that one its wired. ether my park light or brake light right side is not workin onboaed computer seams to allwasy remind me :D yup well thats what im workin with.o ya i dont think i menchond the fact that my radiator just cracked so the car is just sittin there untill i can get some money or trade of some 93 ford probe parts (ecm & L&R tail lights)that my boy gave me from his old car. i also have a front and rear stabalizer bar both undercarage parts.if any one intrested let me know willing to trads off.

im not just a part changer i like to no the whats and the hows. theres no point in fixin somethin if you dont know what caused it in the first place unless you have money and like to thro it away and if that the case you can thro some my way ;)

ya thats about it this is my first bmw so im learning about them, there engineering/lingo as i go along. if ever any questions comments or concerns please feel free to send me a message at anytime and im from the new york new york area :emo if anything see ya on the road :rule


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