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New guy | New old BMW

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Hi, just thought i would make my first post... :p
I have recently purchased ( two weeks!) a '98 e36 318is.. i am quite happy with it.. considering this is my first car and i was most likely going to buy a '92 celica 5th gen,...

I just want to ask what were the first things you guys have done to your cars ?
Small things, not huge mods..
Clears indicators.. new sound systems and the like ?

Pics as soon as i get a digi camera....

Although my avatar is of the celtics...
im here down under, Sydney Australia :gulp
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Hey new guy..very cool, welcome aboard!! What made you decide on your bimmer vs. the celica??
Both were what i was kind of looking for, both n/a 2 door coupe's.. but the bimmer has overall class..
Insurance would have been a bit kinder on the celica as im only 20.. but what the hell :cry

the quick reply as i am at work :D

i just realised i posted in wrong section :nope
Quick replies are common here.. :thumbs Enjoy your stay and post where you are from in the 'Regional Section' and also have fun in the 'Lounge'!! :gulp

Edit: topic moved..
Thanks for the welcoming Ski ;)
Its good to find a forum filled with what seems to be very mature people all the the common passion of a fine car.

I shall start trolling other sections !

btw. Thanx for moving the post.. felt kinda stupid :blink:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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