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NEW brake shimmy

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Hey Guys,

Two weeks ago I had the rotors and pad replaced on my '99 328i and since then I've had a shimmy
in the steering wheel on the way up(accelerating) and on the way down(braking between 50-35). I thought maybe the pads and rotors had to settle in but it's been two weeks and it's still there. It's in the steering wheel that you feel it. It also started when the new pads and rotors were put on.

Second question - should you be able to push the brake pedal a little bit before the brakes bite - it feels mushy compared to my Z and integra UP UNTIL I push a little bit farther and you get some great braking.

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You may want to check your brake fluid levels, maybe bleed the system for shits and giggles, taking the tires off may have thrown them out of balance, check to be sure the rotors aren't lose(?). These are just ideas, I could be way off. I hope to be changing my brakes soon, and I'm going to couple that with a system bleed and rotate and balance of the tires. Now if I could just find the money ....
its good to bleed your brakes when there mushy..even i know that
nice pics - could be a coincidence but it's happened to me before

new pads, new shimmy assumed warped rotors, all sorts of stuff......

I have a 735 and the factory bushing for the upper thrust arms fail every 3-4 years - symptom is shimmy between 35-50, particularly with hard braking - drove the car awhile then figured it had to be the problem

think about it and if it's the problem buy new arms and the urethane replacements, they're pretty much permanent
were only the front rotors replaced ?

if they are warped, the shake sould get worse the faster yo drive.

try very gentle brake pressure at 55, 65, 75 85 etc. if it gets worse at higher speeds it is likely rotors.

i have no experience with bad bushings, but i woudl assume that the handling should deteriorate correspondigly..

mushy: it can also be bad cheap pads.

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