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Hey gang. I'm new not only here, but to the BMW world. I just purchased a 1998 BMW 328i with 88,600 miles. I'm a domestic man at heart, and most of my experience has been tinkering and modifying domestics (supercharged and N/A 3.8s, 3.4s, 3.1s, LS1, and the Jeep 4.0). I got this car because I found out that as cool as a 3" lifted Jeep Cherokee with a 4.0 might be, that same Jeep bounces you around like a ping pong ball on bumps, and it has no cruise. While the bump thing isn't a big deal around town, long trips make it suck :p So now I have both.

I'm hoping to learn a lot about this vehicle while I'm here. I don't know anything about the quirks and "what to watch for"s of this car, so any help any of you can give me along the way will be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome. I Like the new aquisition. Of course, who am i kidding, i like BMW's period:D

First order of business, i reccomend a slight drop, maybe just an inch or so to deal with the wheel gap, some tint and a CAI w/ exhaust.

But given your background you are probably already heading down that road aren't you:D


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Welcome to Bimmerwerkz........+1 with ^ Dave's post.........

Your car looks exactly like mine did when I first purchased

Smoked Corners & Tails, front lip, & chrome tips added a few months after I bought her........this stuff is long gone!

& these links will help you out:

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Doug's Domain :: BMW DIY Articles


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jb :)
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