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New Altima

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So I'm coming home from work the other day, and decide I need to stop at the bank. I get into the right turn lane, which is kind of a sweeping ramp like turn, and roll up onto the back of a brand new Altima 3.7 coupe, trying to kind of force the issue a little bit. Just past this right hand ramp the road opens into 2 lanes with a serious right/left sweeping turn.
I waited for Altima boy to pick a lane. He was drifting towards the left one, but when he saw me darting to the right he moved into my path trying to kill my momentum. This just incited me, to not just pass him in the twisties, but now I would annihilate, and embarrass him!
A quick move to the left, throttle pinned to the floor, DSC takes over, and I quickly put 10 cars on Ricer boy! Knowing that I'm out-gunned in straight line performance, I ease out of the throttle on the straight-away, and laugh as the Altima makes his ricer flyby! I'm sure he still knows he was owned!
(And for you doubters, yes, he was racing from the get-go. He just couldn't hang!) :)
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I don't even mess with Mustangs. I've chased a few in the twisties with owners that can actually drive them and they handle pretty well, especially when the suspension has been massaged. The 500's are beautiful cars---nothing but respect! It's not like I'm going out and looking for people to race, especially when there are so many nice production cars out there. I only screw with douche-bags who are obviously in over their heads and asking for it.;)
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I beat a gt just yesterday. Couldn't play with him to much, my exit was coming up.
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