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Flax Seeds are small, shiny & flat seeds that are actually tiny storehouses of nutrients. Neuherbs has brought to you premium quality raw, unroasted and organic Flax Seeds that are naturally an known to be an amazing source of Omega-3, Calcium & Fiber which can add a nutritional punch to your daily diet in an easier way, making it a versatile kitchen staple, keeping you healthy and hearty.

flax seeds benefits weight loss
Since, flaxseeds are packed with abundant dietary fiber they may help satisfy your appetite, help keep you away from binge-eating on junk, aiding in weight management, blood sugar management & smooth digestion as well

Healthy Heart
Flaxseeds are known to be a natural good source of omega-3 - may work as an alternative of fish oil for vegetarians upto a limit. These help in better circulation, reducing inflammation and promote blood pressure, & cholesterol levels.

Stronger Bones
Flaxseeds are known to be a good source of calcium which help keeps bones stronger during your growing old age.
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