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Hey BMW gurus,

Alright so I am finally thinking of getting a BMW, and i wanted to make sure i was getting a good deal. So therefore, i would like to enlist your knowledge and experience to help me price this car out.

Car started out as $22k (including extended BMW warranty)
after initial negotiation $21k (including extended BMW warranty)
then i told him NO ... take out the extended warranty ... he said $18k -- "absolute best" according to him

2006 BMW 325xi
55k miles
Ext: Black
Int: Maroon
Cold pkg
Premium pkg

1. car had small scratches on bumper
2. paint dings
3. small grind marks on the rims (front)

Simply ... what would you pay for the car?
FYI: I can walk out with the car for - $19700 (with title, tax, registration & documentation fee)

Car pic ..

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I think $18K is a fair price. I paid $22K 18 months ago for a 06 325xi with same options and 37K miles. What maintenace has been performed? New tires are expensive. I just had to get brakes/rotors all around and it cost almost $1K. Great car but expensive. The more maintenace that has been done will certainly help. From what I have seen on this site, there is a lot of recommended scheduled maintenance at 60K miles.
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