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Need to Sell 1998 328is

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Hi all. I have a 1998 328is that I need to sell immediately. Any ideas? Its in great shape, never been hit, really clean and still really tight. Im looking to get $15500 for it, but im negotiable. Thanks.
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welcome to the forums. i am gonna move this thread to the classified section for you, the responses will be better there. also what other info do you have? like location, and some picutres?
Welcome aboard. Sounds like a good car. Why you selling?
Thanks for your help. I'm located on Long Island, in NY. I am moving so I have to sell quickly. I have attached a pic below. The car is in great shape, its a 5 speed, silver out with black leather interior, about 53K mileage, premium sound system, traction control, driver and passenger front and side airbags, sunroof, cd changer, etc.


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Your best bet would be to put an add in and in the local news paper and you will sell your car in 2 weeks :banghead
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