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hi guys

my son has bought a 1989 E30 2 door minus the motor, well no thats not true :shifty, motor is in the boot (in peices) but is no good as the bores had water in them and to do a recondition on them is going to run into to much money.

if anybody here in australia has a motor that we could drop into it, could you please post a message or if you have a block that we could buy cheap even better as the rest of the parts are ok. :D

I think the original motor is a M40 :rolleyes: not sure as I not had a chance to go over it properly.

here are some pics of the car, only paid $500 for it and he is going to deliver it to the door for $50.
no rust anyway, interior is near perfect, I think it will come up nice when we have finished it :D

Any help greatly appreciated
Warren (proud owner of a nice E36)

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