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This is the horror story,

I have a 530i 2003 with 103,000 miles and the car is maintained by me. I try to do everything I can. Well, I was driving home when the car seemed like it was on fire and then died. I open the hood to only see the last of the smoke come out. Stranded and confused with what had happened, I had it towed to a well-known BMW repair shop. Not a dealership, just a garage that is suppose to do good work. The next morning they called and said it was my Crankcase Vent Valve also known as a Pressure Regulating Valve need to be replaced anyways, the said that the valve allowed the oil to be sucked up into the top of the engine and flooded the pistons. They cleaned the oil out of the pistons and the top of the crankcase. They kept saying how lucky I was because it could have bent a rod or cracked the block. Maybe so, but they wanted $1,100.00 to repair it. I said I’ll get back with you, and proceeded to surf this site for info. I found lots of information on how to replace that part. So, I called back and said button the car up and I’ll have it towed home to repair myself. Well, they didn’t like that at all, first he said well the car is ready to be put back together with the new parts. And as of now they have $450.00 in the job. I said I never authorized that kind of work. We some arguing we agreed to $287.00. Not real happy but paid it. Got the car home only to find the engine is in pieces. Nice, I called another garage to see if they would help, but not really interested in trying to reassemble a car they didn’t take apart. I guess I don’t blame them. If I would have taken it apart I know I could put it back together. So, I have two choices either I put it back together or I take it back to the same garage and let them for $1100.00.

Would anyone have any good pictures of where and how these parts are mounted? I have the ETK BMW CD’s but not a service manual. 530i 2003 I can show pictures of what they left me.

Any Advice??
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