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hey ive got a Euro spec E36 M3 3.2
with some head work done
lightweight solid flywheel
288 billet cams
Dastek Chip
duel 63mm exhaust
bmc replacement filter
Vanos advanced and locked
4 puck button clutch

but the diff is still the STD 3.23 ratio and is way to long for 1/4 mile!
i need advice on a good ratio to cut some time on the strip! but still driveable in town!! ive got one shot at the correct ratio coz here in South africa its lank expensive to do a diff or ratio swop on an M3 (210) diff !!!

i changed my brothers '94 325i diff from 3.15 to 3.46 and he cut more than a second off!!! diff swop for '94 325i = $120 diff swop on M3 = $1400

so if some one have done a diff swop on an M3 please help me in the right direction!!! :eek:uch
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