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The engine stumbles for a moment and then regains its pace, engine misfire. I can boldly assume that each of us has confronted with this problem. Fixing it yourself is an option, but in order to do so, you need a clear understanding of the problem at hand.

It may not necessarily the problem of ignition. When one or more cylinders mixed gas is insufficient burnt or cannot burnt, the crankshaft rotation not enough, the sensor detects it. The ECU receives the signal and defines which cylinder has the problem. If this problem happens repeatedly( this number is defined by manufacture), the misfire DTC will generate misfire DTC, and then the CEL lit.

Knowing the machine-process behind, but how do we fix it?

First, to define if cylinder has the issue, through reading DTC. To know which cylinder goes wrong, need to read the engine live data. In my case, I use Topdon ARTIPAD, a comprehensive diagnostic tool to do that.

In the live data section, the misfire count is 0, every cylinder works fine. The bigger the number is, the more serious the misfire problem is. Like my explanation above, if the problem doesn’t occur enough times, the DTC will not be generated, but we can still identify it in live data. This is the most accurate way.

Also, the live data shows how many cylinders are having issue, if just one, you can use swap test to confirm. If there are many, well, bad luck, even mechanics need more time to repair it.

This is just my shallow interpretation on engine misfire, there are still so much deeper knowledge yet need to learn.
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