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My ride..

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My nephew in corner.. :lol:

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Ya I know..clears!! B)

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looks great ski!! :) B) yeah it could use clears but no rush, those wheels almost make it look like a E46 from the side too. :p
Ya I know..clears!!
Took the words right out of my mouth.... Anyway... great ride man good luck with it... its in beautiful condition. Is that your kid also? lol Anyway you put those lids on or the guy before you? Man that would look sweet if you put some m3 springs on that... just a little drop but nice!
nice! i wish i could find a car with that little miles on it! and did you get the 16's from an E46, because those are stock E46 325 rims. i'm assuming it's an auto since you don't have a pic of the interior :p and you're afraid to show the auto
Stick 5!! No auto for this guy..Yes, the wheels/tires are off an '02 325 I got for 5 bills on ebay last year..nice call donut!!
And Fox yes lids, grey sides removal, momo shift knob, wheels/tires, I don't want to go too crazy w/ mods for re-sale value.. ;) B)

Thanks guys!!
didn't you just buy your car like a year ago? did you get it for under 11 grand? i'm not sure the blue book on it, since the mileage is so low
donut..let's see, Feb. '02 purchase date, 52,000 miles for $15K..and yes do the math, about 6500 miles a year driven!! I drive it all year thru winter too<---- :angry:

But my wife's '02 Impala comes in handy.. :p
Nice ride Ski! I think I'm the only, but I prefer the orange markers to the clear ones. It just seems to go better with black. I'm in the process of blacking out all my lights, when I'm done I'm going to post picks.
yeah i think you should black them out instead of clears. i think it looks better on black cars.
:eek: How did you do yours M3Style95??
just sanded them down and painted them the color of my car for a perfect match :D


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looks hot, do your blinkers actually show through??
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