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Hi, my name is David Wu and I am writing to you to tell you the horrible experience I had after purchasing a brand new BMW X5 2 years ago.

Since I purchased a new BMW X5 in July 2007 for $151,482, the vehicle has to be returned to BMW Brisbane workshop 9 times due to problem in hand break! In the last 2 months, the vehicle returned to workshop 3 times and everytime I was told by BMW Brisbane that the car was fixed then within 2 weeks the same problem occurred. BMW Brisbane service manager Kevin Bultitude told me he has done everything BMW Australia asked him to do however he is not confident the hand break problem was actually fixed. He and BMW Australia actually don’t know the source of the problem.

The vehicle also had some other problems like the display screen freezes from time to time, rain brush broke during usage and door trim broke off during the short 2 year period.

Together with the hand break problem, I have lost confident on this 2 year young vehicle and asked BMW Brisbane for a replacement or refund. BMW Brisbane asked me to contact BMW Finance since the car is under hire purchase. When I contacted BMW Finance they told me they are not responsible for the car.

BMW X5 was advertised as a vehicle that “combines driving dynamics, exclusiveness and versatility, taking driving pleasure to a new level” However what I feel right now is nothing but worries when I entering this vehicle. Worrying if the center display will function, worrying if I can successfully release the hand break, worrying after I parked the car if the hand break will function so the car won’t roll away.

My solicitor is preparing the documents to commence court proceedings.


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I imagine you guys down under have an equivalent of the lemon law here in the US. Hopefully with the help of counsel you are able to get everything sorted out.

You are probably disappointed with BMW and won't want anything to do with them going forward. I gain nothing from saying this, however: I think you really just had a break of bad luck. I am on my second BMW and can't really complain about the quality of these cars. Take that whatever way you like.

Again, best of luck getting this sorted out.

- Daniel
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