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Well I installed the straight pipes yesterday and woooo boy. LoL does it ever change the sound. Since the pipes are now totally seperated without the converging muffler, you can hear the gurgling that is a trait of dual exhaust 8 cylinders. (its the cylinders firing at different times) Hrmm to sum up the sound.


Its not really that bad, but its a huge step from the quiet muffler of the 325is. At idle it sounds good. At 2000 its ok. From 2.5k - 4k oh man its killer. Sounds like some e30 m3 straight off the munich race tracks. 5-6k doesnt sound that good i think, perhaps it gets a little ricey sounding up there. When you let off the throttle it goes quiet and then not pops, but ... i dunno how to explain. Sounds like a bubble in the exhaust... Im sure everyone has heard and knows what im talking about.

Performance synopsis = I lost overall power. No other way to put it. Im using more gas to keep the same higher speeds. The m20 engine deffinately needs more backpressure than the catylitic convertor alone. However in the 2.5-4k range i did pick up a little power and then it dies back down around 5k from the non-goodly flowing sohc head.

Im gonna see if I can post some pictures and soundclips tommarow. ( i have a huge report to write now)
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