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My new Mods

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Here are the dyno plots from the recent work on my 2.3L S14.
I had Schrick 284/276 cams fitted, the head was gas flowed and portmatched with the TB's. The engine was also custom mapped.

The engine has lost some torque down low, but I guess this is the trade off for bigger cams. You can see there is quite a dip in the torque curve just above 2k rpm.
It's not until about 4.5K rpm that the cammed car starts to make more power.
It does feel totally different now. From 5k onward it really pulls well all the way to the redline new rev limit of 7800 rpm, where as before it felt like it started to run out of steam before the redline.
It also sound totally different, make a real nice popping sound when off the throttle. Nice big flames when it get hot too :devil

This is the average of the runs that they did, it did 235 bhp on one run which is about 201 RWHP. In comparision stock E30 M3 2.5L Evo III have only made 220 bhp odd crank figures on this dyno.

My car made
197.8 RWHP
230.7 crank @ 6894 rpm
182.0 lb ft @ 6247 rpm

Power rum with cams

Torque run with cams

Before & after power runs

Before & after torque


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i saw those on E3S a while back. the torque curve does look kinda strange, but at least ur happy with it. ever think of doing a 2.5L conversion?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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